About the Author

Barry Ward has led a life he describes as an improbable journey. It’s a tale of global wanderings and unlikely adventures that began in his teenaged years and which encompasses a career of uncommon diversity that happened almost by accident. En passant, he recalls personal experience of danger, of abduction and false arrest, of murder and corruption, of mayhem and death threats, all set against the back-drop of a 43 year-long love affair and a marriage that ended tragically.

In an essay on his blog, Barry recalls how he owes his career in writing, the central theme of his existence, to a kindly school teacher and later his prowess in the boxing ring… Not your normal pot pouri of life, you’ll agree.

After leaving school aged 14, Barry served with the RAF Regiment in Germany in the 1950s and after five years as a police officer began a career in journalism that has lasted more than half a century. In the course of it he has visited some 60 countries and has worked on newspapers and magazines in Bermuda, Nottingham, London and Sydney in a variety of posts from reporter to feature writer and sports editor, from sub-editor to production editor and news editor.

Over the years he edited a number of newspapers and magazines and until 1999 for several years was Travel Editor of Golf Monthly, the UK’s leading golf magazine. The author of several books, chiefly on golf and travel, he has also written a book on a notorious Sydney murder case which recounts his journalistic investigation into organised crime and corruption in consequence of which he was beaten-up, abducted and falsely arrested and eventually forced to flee the country because of death threats.

He retired from magazine publishing in 2014 but is still writing books, principally on golf but also a true crime version of the Sydney murder investigation, his other obsession. Details of this, A Requiem for Justice, will be found on his My Books page inside.

Also on that page is Remembering Christine, a love story which recalls the final years of his marriage to Christine and the cause and effect of her tragic death in 2015.

Now 84 years old, Barry’s life has defied the odds. How it evolved is a fascinating tale of good fortune linked by a chain of coincidence and enhanced by a penchant for following his instincts.

It’s a remarkable story, one that would make a compelling novel! Enjoy!