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How did Parliament become the theatre of the absurd?

Has this nation ever been so ill-served by its elected members, its Parliament? Has the House of Commons ever presented such a farcical face in all its momentous history? Those of us who care about such vital aspects of national life are driven to despair. On one hand...

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The Truth and the Facts of NHS “cuts”

Old Joseph Goebells had it right: "Tell a lie big enough and often enough and it will be accepted as the truth." If the old Nazi were alive today he'd see his philosophy being emulated in the daily furore over the NHS.  "It's being deliberately under-funded," is the...

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Barry Ward - Author, Journalist, Golfer

Remembering Christine

A true story of tragedy, grief and recovery to bring hope and comfort to the bereaved.

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A Requiem for Justice

The Juanita Nielsen murder conspiracy and how it was covered up by the Sydney Establishment.

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Birdies, Bunkers & Bar Stools

Jottings from a lifetime in golf writing.

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