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It’s make or break time for the land we all love

I’m an old man in the autumn of his life so the state of our nation shouldn’t overly concern me. I won’t be around to witness its final subjugation because I have ceased making long term plans and my next birthday could be my last. This is not being melodramatic; it’s a fact of life.

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Mosquito story with a sting in the tail….

War can throw up many stories, from the desperately tragic to the incongruously happy. It's a rare one that combines these options, you'd imagine, but here's an example. It also carries a baffling mystery and an astonishing coincidence.... The central character was...

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Loneliness project film makes world headlines

The Loneliness Project is a low budget British film that runs for only three minutes and features two amateur actors but in less than three weeks it has made a world-wide impact attracting millions of viewers and recruiting thousands of volunteer helpers. The brain...

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Barry Ward - Author, Journalist, Golfer

Remembering Christine

A true story of tragedy, grief and recovery to bring hope and comfort to the bereaved.

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A Requiem for Justice

The Juanita Nielsen murder conspiracy and how it was covered up by the Sydney Establishment.

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Birdies, Bunkers & Bar Stools

Jottings from a lifetime in golf writing.

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