Every minute of every hour of every day, someone somewhere will meet a sudden and traumatic death leaving their loved ones in a state of physical shock, grief stricken and in many cases facing years of desperate anguish. Allowing that in most cases there will be at least two mourners, this is misery of plague proportions and the statistics are rising each year. It is a universal and perpetual malaise.

The grief that follows the sudden death of a loved one is a subject that few are able to discuss with those who are suffering. How the author overcame this dilemma after the loss of his wife of forty-three years is the subject of this moving memoir. It tells of the final year of Christine’s life, the cause and traumatic consequences of her death, and the strategy involved in the ensuing search for peace and acceptance.

The book was conceived as a memorial to a remarkable lady, says Barry, and as a legacy for future generations of our family, “so they will know of her, and be as proud of her in death as we were in her life time….”

“The personal story aside, the work describes the strategy which brings about the inner peace that the bereaved find so elusive. Writing it proved to be the ultimate therapy, a cathartic distraction I could not have imagined.

“My hope is that the book will bring comfort to others suffering similar traumatic loss and keep Christine’s memory alive among all who knew and loved her over the years. She deserves nothing less.” 

Remembering Christine is available on Kindle and as a paperback via www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1533440816

The Juanita Nielsen murder conspiracy and how it was covered up by the Sydney Establishment

This is the true, previously untold story of an unresolved murder and a forty year-long campaign for truth and justice. Set in Sydney, the hub of organised crime in Australia, it is an expose that encompasses sanctioned murder, endemic police corruption and mass perjury and the manipulation of the judicial system bringing false arrest and imprisonment, all encouraged by political and media indifference on a scale that defies belief.

The narrative recounts the journalistic investigation I undertook with a good friend and colleague into the contract killing in 1975 of Juanita Nielsen, a campaigning newspaper editor. In the course of our enquiries my friend and I were beaten up, abducted, arrested and falsely imprisoned; we discovered other murders, also covered-up, several abductions, and a litany of bloodshed, violence and malfeasance. All remain unresolved and unpublicised, until now….

This book tells how our campaign brought success and failure in equal measure: Success because we established the truth, accepted and endorsed by the then NSW Attorney General; failure because our demands for a judicial inquiry into the plot and our findings of a conspiracy involving police collusion were rejected for reasons of political expedience and fear. In the absence of justice, this is a requiem… 

A Requiem for Justice is in the final stages of publication. Intending readers should follow progress on this page or contact Barry at barryeward@yahoo.co.uk


Few people know the extreme good fortune that converts a pastime into a career. Even fewer are those to whom such a scenario brings success and rewards beyond imaginings. The author falls into both categories and after a life-time in the game he is still counting his blessings. He calls it his improbable journey, one which came about through a chain of events that almost defies credulity.

Introduced to golf by chance in consequence of an overseas posting, he virtually fell into golf writing within weeks of taking up the game and has never looked back. And after more than 50 years of travelling the globe reporting on golf, its memorable places and the people who play it at the highest level, he is still playing and writing about the game he loves to distraction.

Now 84 and as active as ever, he decided that the time was opportune to sift his memories and record them in book form “for my family and friends, and anyone else who loves this wonderful game of ours.”

The chosen pieces were written for various British publications, chiefly Golf Monthly magazine, for which he was travel editor, and also for Golf Links magazine, the original Golf News, plus a number of trade and consumer publications and newspapers, The Times of London among the latter.

“Like my career, producing the book has been a labour of love,” he says. “But that applies to anything with golf at its heart. May you enjoy the stories as much as I have enjoyed the recollection.”

*Birdies, Bunkers & Bar Stools is available as a paperback or an E-book from Lulu and/or Amazon.