I’m an old man in the autumn of his life so the state of our nation shouldn’t overly concern me. I won’t be around to witness its final subjugation because I have ceased making long term plans and my next birthday could be my last. This is not being melodramatic; it’s a fact of life.

Even so, I am deeply concerned about the future, the fate, of the land I have loved for more than eighty-five years. The writing is on the wall and a sad and sorry story it tells, of the demise of a once great nation, where freedom of speech was paramount, the very bedrock of our society and democracy.
All gone now, I’m afraid. Our bedrock has turned to sand and the edifice of nationhood is crumbling as we watch, pounded by political correctness and dogma, where “rights” and “diversity” are the new coin of the realm.

Free speech is now a distant memory, the root cause of much “offence,” and democracy is simply an illusion, employed only to endorse the views of political midgets and wannabes eager for a place in the limelight of whatever is the passing fad — diversity, multi-culturism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, racism — they deem important.

Simply writing this will have my name on various hit lists, no doubt, and bring the thought police to my door, just as it has for other concerned commentators — Katie Hopkins for one — whose views clash with accepted ideology in this modern age.

I’ll laugh them off, as Katie did, but the scenario is far from humorous, more cringe-making in its awful potential for disaster.

I’ve been observing this scenario for some time but the crux came with the latest developments in the case of Paul Golding, the spokesman for the activist group known as Britain First. He had been arrested and jailed for daring to confront an Islamic child grooming gang, thus causing “a breach of the peace” we are told. Hmmm….

Anyway, after serving his time in the Liverpool slammer he was released this week but only with draconian conditions that bar him from following his usual routines and activities, particularly anything political.

The list defies belief. Consider this; he may not use the internet in any way nor contact Jayda Fransen, his deputy, also jailed on similar charges; he may not engage in any political activities or leave his home for nine hours (? No, I don’t get it either).

He may not contact or associate with anyone in Britain First or speak to the media, and he must surrender his passport to police and provide them with details of his phone and car. To compound this invidious scenario, for some obscure reason that defies logic, these conditions will last for nine weeks!

All this for provoking a nebulous charge of breach of the peace? Vladimir Putin would be impressed by such dictatorial deviance. Joe Stalin would have loved it.

Meanwhile, the grooming gangs go about their disgusting, nefarious business, violating hundreds of white teenage girls with impunity, it appears, their racial origins disguised lest it offends the Muslim community.

One must question such sympathy for our bearded, lecherous guests at the expense of right-thinking protestors, but there you go: such responses have become par for the course these days, when a review of the film The Dam Busters uses the “N word” to describe Guy Gibson’s black Labrador because Nigger, his name, might cause offence to some people. Heaven help us!

And there’s the nub of my concern. How has the language of Shakespeare been so debased, so polluted? How did our society sink to such depths and why? More importantly, where will it end?
When I was a nipper a playground insult was that “he wouldn’t say boo to a goose.” These days that expression perfectly sums up the official approach to the use of the English language as it refers to the imagined racism of anyone daring to speak his mind, or act in any way patriotic.

The snowflake lefties, as we cynics call them, so quick to be offended by whatever doesn’t take their fancy, appear to have assumed a numerical superiority on the fringes of what these days masquerades as our political elite. To them democracy is a weapon, a tool, in their nefarious campaigns, not the flower that traces its roots to 1215 and the Magna Carta about which they appear blithely ignorant. Their views are as elastic as their political morals and as tenuous as their grasp of reason and reality. There is little meat on their political bones, minimal substance to their verbal out-pouring, and yet they command a considerable following and support which may eventually lead to electoral supremacy. I repeat: Heaven help us!

And therein lies the danger, the threat. When university students demand the removal of statues of historical figures on grounds of racism and campaign to ban a speaker whose views they dislike then our nation’s future is halfway down the slippery slope to perdition.

When our Jihadi guests are given carte blanche to hate us and carry placards demanding to “behead those who insult Islam,” then one must fear for the future our grandchildren face.

When the thought police wait to pounce on those whose views offend anyone who cares to complain we have surely reached the nadir.

When our elected politicians deny and act against the will of the people it is the final straw. All hope is gone.

Only revolution awaits and methinks it won’t wait too long.

“If it were to be done then best it be done quickly,” to paraphrase Macbeth.

My dearest wish, my hope, is that I am around to see it.

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