Has this nation ever been so ill-served by its elected members, its Parliament?

Has the House of Commons ever presented such a farcical face in all its momentous history? Those of us who care about such vital aspects of national life are driven to despair.

On one hand we have a divided Government hanging on by its finger tips, riven by opportunism, disloyalty and self-centred duplicity, a Government lacking in discernible leadership and order and with a paucity of sustainable policies and objectives. Not only are they incapable of seeing the wood for the trees, it seems they cannot even see the trees!

Facing them across this theatre of the absurd is a motley collection of misfits led by a Marxist posing as a Socialist, one whose political heroes and friends are either dictators or terrorists. This is a man clinging to his position thanks only to the support of unelected Party members intent upon political chicanery that will lead to revolution and a government of the extreme Left, one with a minimal grasp of either political reality or budgetary economics. He has a shadow cabinet suffering from extreme woodworm (Abbott as Home Secretary?  His fellow-travelling deputy as Chancellor of the Exchequer? The mind boggles!) but they are intent upon gaining power, by fair means or foul.

And all of this at a most decisive juncture in the country’s history, when we are  extricating our once great nation from the grasp of the equally disenchanting EU. I fear for our future.

The EU debacle aside, neither lot appears to have a realistic solution for the many distressingly serious problems we face, not least those surrounding the national infrastructure: housing, education, immigration and health, all the building blocks of a well-organised community life.  Don’t have a solution?  Heaven’s above, they don’t even recognise the problems!  (See elsewhere on this site for the article Invasion by Procreation and you’ll get my drift: And that’s merely one aspect of mass uncontrolled immigration…)

There are many talented and intuitive members in all quarters of the House but they are out-numbered by the big guns favoured by the Party machines and the extremist element on both sides. They shine in open debate but few are given their over-due opportunity at a higher level. One must presume they prefer the relative anonymity of the back benches….

Meanwhile, the headline hunters, the placemen, go about fulfilling their ambitions of power and influence, seemingly impervious to the problems that concern the electorate; the under-privileged, the elderly, the middle income tax payers who despair at the waste of their huge contribution to the Exchequer.

And all this time the theatre of the absurd continues its record-breaking run in the Palace of Westminster. Like The Mousetrap, the Agatha Christie play that has been packing them in at various West End theatres for 64 years, it threatens to run for ever.

I’ve been voting since the early 1950s and I’ve seen countless governments, good and poor, leave their marks on political history. I’ve seen leaders on both sides of the House who have been great statesmen and a few others best forgotten.  Never, though, have I witnessed such a plethora of nonentity that permeates this Parliament.

How on earth did we reach this state? How and when did standards start to decline to allow it? More importantly, how do we, the electorate, go about solving this problem? It is our responsibility because, needless to say, Honourable Members, as they laughingly describe each other, don’t recognise the problem at the end of their collective noses.  Suggestions, please?

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