Following the arrest and jailing of activist Paul Golding of Britain First*, the Tommy Robinson saga and its aftermath prove beyond all doubt that the Establishment is utterly out of touch with the fears and aspirations of the British populace or, conversely, holds the public in complete contempt.

How else to rationalise the Robinson scandal that has, thanks to a court order barring comment or reporting upon it, been ignored by the UK’s mainstream print and broadcasting media, albeit that the story made headlines around the world and brought unprecedented public and political protest in major cities from America to Europe to Australia?
Indeed, this combination of events is more than a scandal; it is an outrageous exercise in ignominy that has left the nation, as one internet commentator put it, “on a knife edge.” These are dark days for our country; one fears for the future.

To encapsulate: Tommy was outside a Leeds court filming the arrival of members of a Muslin rape gang charged with violating young white girls in various northern cities. He was alone, in the street and filming and commentating on his ‘phone when he was arrested and charged with a breach of the peace. A scant four hours later he had been tried and sentenced to 13 months in jail on charges of contempt of court for allegedly breaking a previous court order.

The order had barred him from intruding on court property to further his long term campaign to expose the rape gangs but, as video film of the incident shows, on this occasion he was alone, beyond the precincts of the court on a public street and causing no nuisance whatsoever. That the initial reason for his arrest was later described as “a holding charge” which was changed in court has been described as “suspect” with legal implications but this proved to be merely the opening chapter in this sorry saga.

After sentencing Tommy, the judge issued a court order barring the Press from reporting on the court hearing, a decision viewed as a denial of free speech and which detonated a protest march on Downing Street attended by several thousand people. This was filmed on numerous videos which appeared instantly and frequently on the internet but, like the court case, the protest was ignored by the media.

Within days other protest marches took place in several British cities and then overseas, in Australia, America and numerous European capitals where local activists bearing placards reading “Free Tommy” protested at British embassies and consulates.

It went further: although ignored by the BBC and other UK broadcasters, the case was given blanket television coverage on the leading current affairs shows in the US and Australia with responses of unmitigated bewilderment that our country, the bastion of democracy, has become virtually a police state that has nullified free speech.

Internationally, Tommy is now considered to be a political prisoner. So much for a court order aimed at keeping the lid screwed down tightly on a case that otherwise would have passed with little comment or public notice.

This is an on-going story: all of the above was written before the events of June 9 when an estimated 30,000 supporters marched in central London simultaneous to similar protests in other British cities. It was an unprecedented display of civil anger and solidarity against the Establishment and passed off largely peacefully, except where the police attempted to divert the columns of protestors and police batons were much in evidence. (See the videos here,

A good yarn, as journalistic vernacular would have it, but once again the events were almost totally ignored by the print and broadcasting media, except for a couple of misguided and biased commentators who opined that the protestors were Far Right idiots with no idea of what they were doing….

The following is the transcript of a report on the Facebook page of the Tommy Robinson Support Group. I include it without comment, except to describe as either ignorance or contempt the official action it records. Happily, the orders backfired leaving the perpetrators in international disrepute and with egg on their faces.

“Quite frankly the police tactics today just re-enforced the reason why we were all protesting. This government is operating a dictatorship-style police state.
“The police at Manchester train station issued everyone with Section 35 Dispersal Orders and threatened people with arrest if they boarded the train to London….
“The Press issued fake headlines today about the protest being cancelled to deter travellers….
“The police made announcements across the Tannoy systems in London train stations informing the public that the protest in Whitehall had been cancelled, again to try and reduce numbers. They then attempted to prevent a huge group of protestors from moving from Trafalgar Square to the demo point in Whitehall. They applied extremely heavy handed tactics with batons raised, pushing protestors and forcefully removing people’s placards!
“These tactics were probably ordered by the Home Office to cause chaos and provoke a reaction, which is quite frankly a disgrace.
“In the evening, anger nearly boiled over as police in riot gear attempted to forcefully clear the crowds from Trafalgar square and some protestors started to confront the police. Thankfully it passed off mostly peacefully and in total only five arrests were made on the day.
“Despite all this, tens of thousands of ordinary British citizens marched to support Tommy and tens of thousands more will be at the next protest!”

On a personal level, as a journalist I am astounded at the response of the print media which ignored such a major public story as the protest marches.

I considered such an action inconceivable and could only agree with Katie Hopkins when she told a shocked US anchorman on Fox TV that in this campaign, as with most battles, there was a good side and a bad side “and the mainstream media is on the bad side…” Our country is on a knife edge, she added, “and these are dark days for Britain.”

To endorse that last comment I offer this link to a most disturbing video, one that should be required viewing by everyone who cares about the future of our once great nation. Be prepared to be astounded.

Since I wrote the above we have learned that Tommy was assaulted in jail by Muslim inmates and has since been transferred to another jail where Muslim prisoners are in the majority. This has raised fears for Tommy’s life and has launched a legal campaign aimed at his release.

This entire unsavoury episode is a stain upon our country and its place in world standings. I feel ashamed and very angry….

* For more about Paul Golding and Britain First see my previous report headed:

It’s make or break time for the land we love.

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